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"It's all about the image."

First, let me put your soul at ease by answering the deep and abiding question that has undoubtedly been burning within you since you arrived...

The stunning, compelling, and jaw-dropping images you see on this site: Yes. They are mine.

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As I am sure you are now aware, I am both a Web Content Creator as well as a Professional Photographer. I got my start years ago in High School. I took my first photo class as a junior, and loved it so much that I flunked it. You see, I got so caught up in the magical process of creating images that I forgot to do my homework. From that point on, I was hooked. I began to see everything through the lens, even when I left the camera at home. The world came alive to me, and I saw things in a whole new light...literally.

Since then, photography has become part of who I am, and certainly acts as a metaphorical crystal-ball to my professional future. What I didn't expect, however, is that it would lead me down the path to understanding Web Content Creation in it's various forms. Regardless of my intended future, I am now eagerly producing online content, utilizing independently acquired web development skills.

Just a Taste...

Creativity shouldn't be a crime.

Getting Creative doesn't have to be a Crime.

In case you don't see the galactic relevance to all this, I'll explain. With a graphically developed eye, and a mind honed to grasp the technicalities of the web, the potential for rich, graphic, web-based media is limitless. Let me help you create, creatively.

In the meantime, please follow the links on the right to some examples of the key work that I have performed over the last few years. If you have any questions, please CLICK HERE to contact me.

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Here you'll find some additional images I post from time to time, as well as any rantings I might feel like having on any given day.