Expertise - XHTML/CSS


I have undertaken a series of personal and professional projects that require an extensive knowledge of XHTML, CSS, and a familiarity with PHP and MySql. In addition to this, I have installed and maintained a linux-based web server set up as a virtual host to multiple websites.

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I am a professional photographer with over 14 years of experience. I have owned and operated my own photography business, and am near completion of my education at Brooks Institute of Photography for commercial advertising photography.

Industry Experience / Qualifications:

• 1999-Present: Successful Photography business

• 2001-Present: Personal and Community Site Designs:










• Built / Operate Linux web server

• Integrated two open source website software solutions into a cohesive site (PHPBB and 4images)

8 Years Professional Application experience:

• Photoshop CS3 and Prior

• InDesign CS3 and Prior

• Final Cut Pro 5.1 and Prior

• Flash CS3 and Prior

• XHTML (hand coded)

• CSS site control and full (true) tableless design

• Dreamweaver CS3 and Prior

• XML and Flash Actionscript integration

• Subversion versioning software/SVNAdmin Server


• College: Jan. 2005 - present

Brooks Institute of Photography

• Additional education: 1994 - present

Independent Study; web, design, video production, photography, business, and page layout

• High School GED

Exited high school early. GED: 99th percentile.

• Guatemala: Spanish education: January 1996

Fluent in Spanish language.

I have a high personal interest in the web and it's multiple facets; I am constantly seeking additional knowledge about different technologies and approaches for online media and content delivery.

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...that I was recently awarded the prestigious 1st Year "Top Student Award" by Brooks Institute of Photography?
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