On a personal Note...

This section of accomplishments wouldn't be complete without two elements.

You won't find any tables here!

First, this site which you are visiting is structured completely with CSS. The HTML portion of the code behind this site is 100% table free. This represents a new personal style in web development, and shows an exciting new future for web content. The process of designing and building a site is now minimized drastically, allowing a new level of control and consistency across an entire site which was previously difficult, buggy, and time consuming. No more misbehavior from Microsoft Internet Explorer...

My Family

And last, but certainly not least: My Family. I am married to a wonderful woman, and have three beautiful young children. Though there are always things to miss when moving away from your long time home, we
Our first haven't missed the long cold months of winter in Logan, Utah, and we aren't complaining about all the palm trees here. Both my recent past as well as my future are made brighter here in Santa Barbara by having my family with me at this time in my life.

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CLICK HERE to learn more about me, my history, and my family. It is only a page long, and I can guarantee that there have been shows on television more boring than what you'll find on that page.

Just for fun:

No high jumper has ever been able to stay off the ground for more than one second.