SPOKT.COM - Keep In Touch, Privately. (pronounced "spoked") began in mid 2006 as an idea to help groups of friends and families communicate in a simple, fun, and private way over the internet. Dan Hixon and I co-founded Spokt and headed up the project development team that would create a robust, secure, and easy to use private network website over the course of the next year. We invited around 40 of our closest friends and family to try out the site during our first public beta release, which was launched on July 4, 2007.

Visitor loyalty is high - less than 12% bounce rate and around 10 pages per visit - showing that the decision to limit the number of core features and create a clean, classy U.I. had already begun paying off. In less than two months, we had over 500 unique users, more than 4,000 visits per day, and all without any marketing.

We are currently entering our marketing phase, and will actively be pursuing a steady and strong growth in the 2007-2008 period. More gratifying than anything else is the tremendous response we have already received from our Spokt community. We are constantly receiving positive feedback through our contact system, and have even created a few self-proclaimed "addicts". Just what we were trying to do. ;)

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