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Thank you for visiting my online résumé. As you browse around, you'll find that I have a competent background in web, graphic and photographic content creation.

Where it started

In 2001 I set out to become web savvy, mostly intended as a personal hobby. Little did I know that I would soon be creating websites for my business and subsequently for other photographers, corporations, and ad agencies. Having been one of those "creative types", (a.k.a. photographer) for over 14 years, the web challenged my mind and logical thinking. Ironically, this challenge is what inspired me to deeply understand the web and the way it works. Very quickly I discovered I could channel this process of logical thinking into positive results.

What it's become

Today, the picture is brighter than ever. Through the years, I have developed an extensive understanding of key web programming languages such as XHTML, CSS, and Javascript. I have also worked in environments which utilize more powerful scripting and server-side languages such as Flash Actionscript, PHP, and ASP.

What it means

With years of study, and expertise necessary to hand-code XHTML and CSS, I am capable of producing the work that is demanded at an industrial level. I am confident that my passion for creating professional web content - as well as my rock-solid creative background - will be a true asset for the success of your establishment.

Did You Know...

...That I built this site 100% table free, harnessing the power of CSS to create any formatting on the site?
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Take a Look:

Have you taken a chance to look over some of the images that I have created recently? CLICK HERE to peruse some of my latest photographic creations.

Just for fun:

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