Online Image Proofing:

In the winter of 2003 I decided to head up the project to deploy a website capable of content delivery and purchasing options. That decision spawned, an online proofing website where clients can dynamically view, arrange, purchase and pay for their images. This created a more efficient and universal (think:WWW) way for our clients and their friends/families to access their photographs, while dramatically decreasing the time required for us to tend to our clients' needs.

I was primarily responsible for the visual layout and design of the site, as well as the concept for how the back-end would operate. Since the site was to be built utilizing the dynamic scripting language PHP and the MySQL database software, I hired a back-end programmer, Micah Schicker, to build the necessary elements to drive the site's functionality. The decision to hire Micah was key in bringing this project to completion. His professional and expert approach coupled with my creative drive allowed us to quickly develop and deploy the final site for immediate, long term, and problem free use.

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